wow I’m excited to announce I will be teaching Training C.A.M.P. 2.0 workout every Thursday and Saturday starting next week! (10/24). Also, don’t forget I will be having a workout tomorrow night at 7pm at Pearl Studios Rm. 415, hope to see you all there! This athletic workout will incorporate footwork drills, resistance band strength exercises and core conditioning for a total body workout that will leave you feeling #BuiltforAnything!💪🏽💪🏽 Just $15 for single registration or $10 each If you bring a friend (purchase min of two at checkout) DM me for more info or email me! REGISTER WITH LINK IN BIOSee you all at C.A.M.P!!! 😎📸: @shready_ #football #training #curtiswilliams #trainingcampnyc #performance #underarmour #instafit #fitness #lift #workout #bootcamp #strength #personaltraining #erasealldoubts #iwill #degreemens #sklz


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